Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sailing on the Starfish

A Bass River Cruise for everyone! by susan

Not just for visitors, I took this cruise last year with some out of town friends and really enjoyed it!  It’s a 90-minute trip on a wide, stable, flat-bottomed boat (reservations recommended).

You head down the breezy Bass River, the largest tidal river on the Eastern Seaboard.  There are many historians that believe Leif Ericson sailed up the river over 1000 years ago.  Legend has it that when he got to the Cape he named it Vinland because of the profusion of grapes he found here.  

The trip was delightful, with a quirky narrative about sea life, river birds (on our trip we saw heron and egrets) and the beautiful waterfront estates that dot the river.  Many of them are owned by the rich and famous and Cliff, the boat Captain, has all the scoop! There are also beautiful views of marshes, Old Captain's Homes,and a working lighthouse.

You buy the tickets at Windmill Plaza, which is on Rt. 28 in Yarmouth. When the trip is over you can you can rent a kayak and take a closer look at the river.

To find out more, visit the Starfish website.  Take a jacket and enjoy the afternoon!  The boat has refreshments, snacks, and a bar!  It’s a calm and relaxing way to spend tranquil afternoon.  

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