Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cape Cod Baseball

One, two, three, strikes and you’re in for a great evening - by Susan

Why drive to Boston to see the Red Sox when we’ve got the best baseball right here on Cape Cod?  I love the Sox, so there won’t be any team bashing going on here.  But I'm just discovering the Cape Cod Baseball League 

(after 17 years on the Cape!). I usually go to a few CCBL games a year but when you start learning about the league, wow!  This year they are celebrating their 114th year!

This is baseball at its finest; the crack of the wooden bats, small parks where you can meet the players, great competition, major league baseball scouts, and most importantly: the fans.  Where do the fans applaud when the "other team" makes a good play?  No park I've ever seen.

Those loyal fans open up their homes to the players for housing from June to August every year and many people volunteer all year round to keep the organization going.  Thousands of fans turn out for every game, which makes playing in this league so exciting for the players. 

Just a few statistics… the league can trace its origins back to the late 1800’s.  Currently there are 10 teams and our league is considered the showcase for the best collegiate baseball in the country.  What’s not to like?  Oh, did I mention that 1 out of 7 active major league players played in the CCBL? 

Now my home team is the Cotuit Kettleers and their park, Lowell Field, is the best.  It’s nestled in the trees in Cotuit and on game day there is a lot of excitement in the air around town.

People go early and have a baseball dinner (hotdog, what else!) and watch the team warm up.  Mind you these are all college guys….  athletic college guys… a great way to spend an evening for this single gal! (see picture at right!)

The action is fast and, best of all, the games and parking are free.  The regular season starts this week so check out the game dates, times, and field locations (all over the Cape) at the Cape Cod Baseball League web site. I'll be writing more about the League as the summer goes on.  It’s great old fashion fun for everyone, so batter up!

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