Monday, June 15, 2009

Come Fly With Me...

My Trip to the Cape Cod Airfield - by Susan

Along with being a "Millbilly," I'm a huge Peanuts fan. Every single time I've gone by that little grass-strip airport in Marstons Mills I have visions of Snoopy vs. the Red Baron because there's a bright red Snoopy-type biplane that's always there.

A few weeks ago I decided to stop in and find out more about the airport. Cape Cod Airfield is one of the older airports in the country and my visit was like a step back in time. Three grass runways situated on over 80 acres of open daisy-filled field,
2 old hangars, a quaint windmill, and a bunch of antique airplanes (not to mention a deceivingly nice bunch of motorheads sitting around chewing the fat). It dates back to the 1920's when our little airport was an Army Air Corps training field and, believe me, it's changed very little since.

When I sat down to interview the airport manager, Chris Siderwicz, I learned he is the owner of that Snoopy biplane. (Visions of a dogfight with the Red Baron were dancing in my head.) As a former Boeing 737 pilot, a senior captain at Provincetown-Boston Airlines, and with licenses to fly air transport, multi-engine, and jets, he also has an instrument rating, is a flight instructor, a licensed aircraft and power plant mechanic. Chris is an extremely skilled pilot. If you're as fascinated by flight as I am, Chris has seen it all and has a bazillion riveting stories to tell.

The airport hosts a number of private planes and a few commercial ventures as well. Chris and his son operate a banner-towing business from the airport. So if you want to tell someone "I love you" in a big way, they will be happy to make and tow your custom banner. (They also do banners and billboards for businesses: call 508-428-8732.) Another business venture is giving biplane rides.
And on that first meeting with Chris, I actually got to play the role of Snoopy... my daughter and I took a ride in the open cockpit biplane!

If you've never seen the Cape from the air, it looks entirely different at 1000 feet. It's very wooded, the beaches are so huge, and the Sagamore Bridge -- Awesome! I can't begin to tell you how exciting it was.

It was a great flight, not the least bit scary, windy, or bumpy. (Although if you like more thrills, Chris's son, another accomplished pilot, does acrobatic rides too.) Trust me, you have NOT lived until you've soared over the Cape in a biplane.

Chris has a blog for his biplane business and the airport, at Cape Cod Airfield. The blog has great pictures of the plane and YouTube videos of various flights (all posted by happy customers).

Skydive Cape Cod operates out of the field too; it's the only spot to skydive on all of Cape Cod. After talking to them, watching their video, and photographing a number of jumps, I can tell you it looks thrilling. Every single jumper I spoke to (all first-timers) wanted to go up again!

However, if you like your feet firmly planted on the ground, the airport is still a great spot to visit: you can watch the private planes, skydivers, and a Seabee come and go. They are the busiest on sunny weekends in the summertime. There is a picnic table (don't go walking on the airfield, please), miles of hiking trails, and that Snoopy biplane to daydream about.

Make your weekend on the Cape unique and memorable; take a biplane ride or go skydiving (I'm still working up to that!) at Cape Cod Airfield. It's a blast!


  1. I believe that's the same place that I took a glider ride a few years ago. It was a blast and the people there were really nice. Great experience.
    I enjoyed the article. I think I might take that biplane ride.


  2. I loved my ride Rick and I agree everyone there is a sweetie.


  3. The reason I LOVE this site is because Susan and Marti are constantly finding and uncovering the gems of the Cape! This airfield is just another reminder of the diamonds in the rough these ladies share with us!

  4. what a terrific find!!!!

  5. Awesome story!

  6. THank you for this information. We just moved here, and I know my husband would love to go on a flight! We are Millbillies, so we're very close.


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