Friday, August 28, 2009

Cape Cod Critters

Chapter Two - by Susan

Ever since I wrote my critter story I’ve had a lot of feedback from our readers. Everyone seems to have a critter story to tell. Many people have asked for a sequel to the first story.

This isn’t really a full sequel but just a little update. Yes, I’m still feeding my chipmunks. All 5 of them now come when I call and are happy to eat almonds out of my hand. The people at BJ’s are astounded by the amount of birdseed and almonds I purchase. My bunny is still around and enjoying the occasional carrot.

A more interesting critter story was emailed to me by our first (and so far only) “Cape Cod Character," Ken Baba. He has a tame bird and sent me the pictures to prove it. He told me the bird almost trained him. He went outside and it was flying around him so he went in and got some chicken and it flew over to him and started eating. Now this Jay recognizes Kenny’s car and follows him down the driveway!

I have Blue Jays that frequent my feeder too. Not to be out done, I’m now standing outside at least once a day with chicken in my hand. I can tell you this, Ken is darn lucky. So far, all I’ve done is scare the birds away. Not one is coming closer. But I’m going to continue and see if something doesn’t show up.

Who knew that Blue Jays eat chicken? If my chicken trial is successful I may have to start buying that in bulk too! Ken wins on being the bird man (so far I'm still working on my flock) but I have the magic touch with the 4-leg crowd.

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