Friday, November 27, 2009

Tag! You're it!

Laser tag in Hyannis - Cait

Being a teenager on Cape Cod can be difficult, especially during the harsh winter months. There’s little to do during the summer, and in our off-season that list of activities is cut in half (which I think is why Cape Cod has one of the highest populations of drinkers in Massachusetts). To live here, one has to think outside the box to keep busy; which is exactly what a friend of mine did when he called and proposed we get a few people together and play laser tag.

On Airline Road off of Rt. 132 sits Cape Cod Laser Runner and Paintball. It looks like a warehouse taken out of a horror movie and plopped down in the middle of Hyannis. There are parking spaces out front, but the building could use more for the amount of business it gets. We walked inside and down a hallway where we entered the paintball area. We were directed through another hallway, which opened into a large open space with colored strobe lights, vending machines, and a few tables to sit at. The room curved around into a horseshoe shape and we entered the reception area for laser tag. We all decided to get full day passes at a reasonable $25. This proved to be a good idea, as we spent over 4 hours there!

First we got vested up, and had the rules of the game explained to us. They have many different laser games and it changes every time (teams, tag, and every man for themselves, just to name a few). After our orientation, we were set loose! My group of friends and I shared the room with a family, so please be courteous and not swear… you never know who’s little ears are listening.

The games were a ton of fun, and laser tag became an unexpected passion of mine. I was surprised to find out I had a better time than I expected to. My only complaint is the temperature. They desperately need to crank on the AC in there. You’re constantly running, and we were all sweating like pigs because it was so hot inside! I went through four bottles of water during the day, but it was definitely worth it. I had a blast and can’t wait to do it again! (Thanks again Houston for suggesting we do something different for once!)

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