Monday, March 29, 2010

Gone to the Dogs...

.... info for dog lovers.  Part One..

I'm sure a lot of you know I'm an animal lover.  I had the most beautiful, loving, Airedale Terrier, Daisy for 13+ years.  Sadly she died in January.  But a few weeks later my good friend Debbie emailed me about Conner a 1 year old Airedale Terrier rescue dog.  He is now part of our family.

I've spent the past 2 months buying new things and doing dog activities with Connor and I'm really lucky to have a great support system.  I've forgotten how intense puppyhood is.  My vet is the very best.  He helped me through the last year with Daisy and all her health problems, including congestive heart failure.  Now he's helping me with Connor, who may have IBS.  Dr. Burns is so kind and caring and the staff at VACC are the very best, warmest people.  Please check out my vet Dr. Tom Burns at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod.

I have the very best in the  world pet-sitter, Sara from Hometails, and I don't know what I'd do without her.  She not only helps me out when I travel but she has so much dog knowledge and ideas on training that I'd be lost without her input.

It was Sara that recommended my first trainer to me, Imbi.  Imbi is a dog trainer extraordinaire.  Connor straightens up and listens to her the minute she walks in my house.  She had him jumping through hoops in 2 visits and I'm thrilled with the progress we've made.  Best yet, she really trains you to train the dog, so I've gone on and trained more behaviors and tricks for Connor based on what Imbi taught me.  And she is always available if I need her.  Give her a call if you need any help with your dog at:  B.Haven Dog and Owner Guidance (web site soon to follow) 508-737-0108.

It was Imbi who introduced me to Anne Golding who has a drop-in clicker class I take at Joseph's Obedience Training School in Pocasset (508-563-1122).  Anne is similar in many ways to both Sara and Imbi:  kind, easy going, honest, and they all LOVE dogs.

With Connor''s sensitive tummy I've been experimenting with various dog foods and right now he's doing well on a mix of two grain-free dog foods.  I get the EVO kibble at Cape Maid Farms on Rt. 28 in Centerville.  They also carry organic pumpkin that keeps him "regular."  His main dog food is Thrive by The Honest Kitchen.  Both Hot Diggity in Mashpee Common and Cape Cod Feed and Supply (48 Lombard Ave. W. Barnstable) carry this really excellent dog food.

Keeping Connor may require a second job!  In Part Two I'll explore some great places to go walking and hiking with your dog.


  1. Please Please Please re-think feeding your dog EVO dog food!!! My dog developed deadly pancreatitis due to it's extremely high protein and fat levels. Grain is okay for dogs, as long as it's quality grain and not grain by-product. Protein levels should not exceed 22% yet EVO is a whopping 42% and fat content is off the charts at 22%!!! If you love your dog, don't feed him another kibble of that dangerous, potentially deadly food. If you want to buy super premium food, we like Solid Gold Hund n' Flokken. Research it online and do yourself a favor and Google "EVO pancreatitis"

  2. If you want your comments to be taken a bit more seriously, don't be "anonymous". I did research prior to feeding him this diet and most of the time pancreatitis is caused by an underlying health issue. I do know a bout can be brought on by very high fat but that is usually when a dog gets in the trash or something.

    I'm going to disagree with you on protein levels, many people feed their dogs a raw meat diet which is almost all protein, but I think when they feed them raw chicken the fat content is pretty low.

    I'm going to disagree with you on your statement that grain is ok for dogs. I honestly don't believe dogs (or any canines) were meant to eat wheat, corn, etc.

    However my dog is different. He lives in a home where I can't be near any gluten so that rules out all wheat, oats, rye and barley in his food. I get dreadfully ill if there is any around. He also has IBS and we are carefully trying to find a diet that agrees with his system.

    So far I LOVE Thrive by The Honest Kitchen, but its very expensive. I will look into a kibble for him that is grain free and lower in fat. EVO does make a reduced fat food and Wellness has grain free reduced fat formula's too.

    So thank you for the heads up on the fat level in my EVO - it does seem very high

  3. Sorry for the anonymous designation but I don't have a Google account or any of the other choices. You can email me at

    I understand your restiction to gluten-free, and honestly, I don't know how to advise you there. I will say, however, that a BARF diet is NOT for all dogs, nor is a RAW diet. Domestic dogs are NOT wolves raised in the wild and as such, their dietary needs have evolved. I know of others, myself included, who have lost their beloved animals due to diets far too rich in proteins, and fats as well.

  4. I don't feed raw or BARF either. And since your first comment I'm looking into a lower fat food. I still like Healthy Kitchen a lot.


  5. I do feed my dogs raw meat and eggs, and they are very healthy and their coats OHH my god they are so shiny and thick! and they love eating that! they are not wolves but they are decendents from wolves and i think they should be eating meat! I have been feeding them raw meat for ever and my oldest lab is 19 and doesn't look like it! my vet said he is going to live at list 3 more years who knows maybe more, and my other 2 are healthy as well. Do you reserch if i'm saying its good is because i have tried, the thing is sometimes if you sart a raw diet when your dog is already older it can even kill your dog, so its a very good diet probably the best. But you have to start when your dog is very young otherwise you have to test it first and see how your dog accepts it.

    Dog trainer and breeder.


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