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UPDATE: The Bark Park and other dog park news...

We have not totally gone to the dogs... by Susan

I've had a lot of emails from dog people about my last two articles, so I'm doing this last update (for now) and then I'll go on to some restaurant reviews and other articles!

I'm going to be headed all the way to P-town now and again this summer.  It's a long trek from the Mills, but I think it will be worth it.  In response to my last article, I heard from Candace Nagle who is the President and Co-Founder of the P-town Bark Park and she was nice enough to tell me that in Provincetown you CAN have your dog off leash at the beach, all summer long during "dog hours" which run from 6 am -  9 am and 6 pm - 9 pm.

It seems by the flyer she sent me they are pretty serious about adhering to those times and that you must pick up after your dog (I hope we all do that).  Follow the rules and you'll get to have some fun with your dog on 3 miles of beautiful P-town beaches.  Shame on the other Cape towns that don't allow this.

P-town is a very dog friendly place and I've noticed that each time I've been there.  There are a lot of hotels and inns that allow you to bring your pooch (according to the Bark Park web site there are over 30 of them), a number of restaurants that will allow you to eat in their outdoor dining area with a well behaved dog, along with some tourist activities that allow dogs (like the P-town Trolley and a few boat trips).  Check out what is what on the Bark Park Pet Friendly Places list.

There are also a number of trails in P-town that allow off leash dogs (under voice command) and Candace told me a great one is right across from Bark Part, at Clapp's Pond.

In other dog park news, I read in the Cape Cod Times that the Mashpee Dog Park may have some good news.  The article said the Selectmen had started a subcommittee to discuss the construction of a 2-3 acre dog park in the town.  I hope it happens and happens fast.  I've read letters in the newspaper from readers complaining about dogs... at the beaches, on the trails, at ponds... I'm not sure where they want us to walk our dogs but having some dog parks would be a good start.

I know a while back there was a group that tried to get a dog park going in Barnstable.  I can't understand why we don't have one.  We are the largest town on the Cape; therefore I'm guessing we have more dogs then other towns, thus it makes sense to me to have a dog park here.  Not only would the residents want one, but I'm sure visitors would love to have a safe and legal place to exercise their dogs.  The Cape is a major vacation destination yet we are not all that dog friendly.

I know of the perfect location for a dog park in Barnstable.  I've talked to the abutter and they think its a fine idea; it's on town owned land and really well located.  If there are some readers that are interested in a dog park in Barnstable (like some of our selectmen) please get in touch with me.  I'd really like to get one going in our town and I'm a great organizer and would surely be involved.

Bark Park Photo courtesy of Cold Nose Photo.   Bark Park logo courtesy of Bark Park.

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