Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best Gluten Free Pizza!

Right Here in Mashpee - by Susan

I've written before about my gluten problems... I've been gluten free for 7 years.  With all the gluten free products on the market nowadays I don't feel like I'm missing much sticking to a GF diet.  When I started this journey over 7 years ago there were virtually NO products marked as "gluten-free".  Today there are so many wonderful GF products, however; gluten free pizza has never lived up to it's billing.

Initially my daughter and I discovered the  Risotteria Restaurant in NYC.  It's got fantastic GF products, beer, cupcakes, and pizza.  We'd go to NYC a couple of times a year to shop and eat GF pizza!  (now that's a really expensive pizza!).  We have scouted around our area (Boston to Cape) for great GF pizza and eventually found BZ's pizza in Dennis.  They don't make their crust but it's thin and cooked in a pizza oven.  Their pizza is darn good and the people there are so friendly!  My daughter and I still go there often, it's a great traditional (GF) pizza.

When Wicked Fire Kissed Pizza opened I checked them out and wrote about it in this blog.  It's a great restaurant but they had a very limited GF menu when they first opened up:  salmon salad, salmon dinner, and steak.  But those 3 things were always prepared perfectly so I'd go with my mom now and then for the Organic Salmon and Citrus Salad.

I went there for dinner last week with my daughter and my mom and found out they now have a printed gluten free menu!  And let me tell you, it's wicked good!  There are not only salads but sandwiches, 3 more dinner entrees (for a total of 5 now), they also have Apple Wood Grilled Burgers (on a gluten free bun!!!) and yes, they have pizza.

They make their own pizza dough (it says rice flour slowly fermented) and they are cooked in their 700 degree hearth oven.  There are 12 different kinds of designer pizza's (the exact same ones that are on the regular menu, only made with GF crust) all with a thin and crispy crust, the only type of crust that GF pizza should be made with. They do have a plain cheese and tomato sauce pizza for you purists.  These pizza's are nothing short of amazing.  I had the Wicked Margherita and Cay had the Wicked Sausage and Caramelized Onion.  They were both fantastic... out of this world fantastic!   I am going back this week for another one (I see 10 lbs in my future).

A few things about Wicked... they don't take reservations (you can call 1/2 hour before you arrive and put your name on the wait list) and even in the off season they are busy on weekends, so be prepared to call ahead or wait.   During the summer it's busy all of the time, but if you call head, get your beeper when you check in, there are nice stores to window shop at while you wait.

I emailed Wicked for a comment about this blog post... I was curious what prompted the move from a very limited GF menu to a full GF menu.  I wanted to know if the dishes had to be reworked to add them to add them to the GF menu.  I was going to ask them more about the GF pizza process and most importantly (and a word of warning for all GF people) I really wanted to ask them about the Sicilian Comfort pizza - it contains "Wicked Meatballs" and I have a hard time believing they are gluten free (meatballs usually have bread crumbs in them).  Two of their pizza's have sausage and often sausage is NOT gluten free; however, my daughter had the pizza with hormone/anti-biotic free pork sausage (and I had a piece too) and neither of us reacted to it so I know that sausage is GF.  But meatballs?

Sadly Wicked never answered my email inquiry so I can't tell you their story, which is sad because not only do I have a lot of GF readers, but I keep a GF list of places to eat at for all of Cape Cod (free for the asking).  And I get over 400 requests a year for my list.  So I wish they would have participated in this blog post (if they do comment I'll let you know).  But I can tell you their pizza is excellent.  Really the entire place is great, the food excellent, the service is splendid, and the staff is always helpful and friendly.  I would really like to try their burgers but I can't imagine going in there now and not having pizza!

Best of all the pies are big enough for 2 meals, so I left with my doggie bag and had pizza for lunch the next day.  Thank you, Wicked Pizza

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  1. Wicked pizza has awesome gluten- free pizza! Best I ever had!!


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