Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pillsbury goes gluten free!

Not sure if you know this already but it's totally news to me.  Has anyone seen these products?

On that page they also have a bunch of recipes you can use with their various products.  I  better start a pre-diet now before I find the products and start baking!

Also I keep hearing the Dunkin Donuts is going to have packaged GF muffins and donuts... has anyone seen any on the Cape?


  1. I found the cookie dough and pizza crust at Shaw's, but no sign of it at Stop and Shop or Roche. I like the cookie dough, but it does have garbanzo bean flour which my husband was not a fan of. The pizza dough was meh as breadsticks, but I've yet to try it as actual pizza dough.

    Have not seen the new GF stuff from Dunkin' yet, not that I would eat it often, but I would like to try it...

  2. Darn I keep having high hopes for new products like this. I'd like to try and pastry dough. I'm going to head to Shaw's..... maybe today. thanks!


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