Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tumi - Just slightly off the beaten path.

But so worth the journey!

Tumi Ceviche Bar & Ristorante isn't well known (yet) but it will be. It opened a couple of years ago,  I discovered it last summer. I ran into my friends, Dave and Christine at Home Depot and they gave me the scoop about it. Since the discovery, I've been there many times.

It's set just off Main Street in Hyannis (592 Main Street - Rear). There is a walkway with an arbor, right next to Cellar Leather. Head down that walkway and Tumi is on the left.

They have a lovely outdoor patio and a really nice, cozy interior. A great bar and an open kitchen. They are currently open for lunch and dinner.

They bill themselves as Peruvian-Italian. You might be asking yourself what sort of food is that?  It's damn good food! According to sources Peruvian cuisine is among the most varied and best in the world (I bet those sources are from Peru!). Not only do they combine indigenous food like corn, potatoes, tubers, beans, and quinoa but their cuisine has Spanish, Italian, Asian, and African influences as well.

They have a lot of ceviche choices, which is a very popular dish in South American. Basically, it's raw or slightly grilled fish with an acidic juice (often lime), salt, sweet potato, onion, cucumber, and or other veggies. Now my mom doesn't eat anything raw, but she did try 2 of the ceviches and loved them! The acid from the lime juice chemically "cooks" the fish so it doesn't feel raw at all. So do try it (they have a veggie ceviche in case you don't eat fish).

They have many great apps, risotto, pasta and full dinners too. (and yes they serve meat too, steak, lamb, chicken and so forth). They have a great menu, check it out, it's all on their website here.

Now as most of my readers know, I have to be gluten free. My very favorite menu item is the GF Lobster Bisque. I rarely get to have soup in restaurants as most places thicken it with flour. Tumi's Bisque is really excellent.

When I first started going to Tumi none of their risotto's were gluten free, now the Lobster Risotto is GF and it's great. I'm not sure if the others are GF but if not I hope they will make more of their food GF. I want to try everything.

The only thing actually labeled GF on the menu is the soup and since many of my readers also follow a gluten free diet I want to tell them that I did get glutened at Tumi. Sadly it happens at most places now and then. It was a Saturday night and super busy and I think it was a slight cross contamination.

On the bright side, the day after it happened I emailed Tumi and they were beyond responsive. The manager told me she would look into it (they all say that, right?) and she got back to me the next day. We had exchanged a number of emails about what went wrong and we all came to the conclusion that it was a cross contamination.  She (the manager) assured me that everyone in the kitchen would be retrained and was very apologetic.

The very next time I visited Tumi I searched out the manager and she was very kind, apologized again ,and I since have had many delish meals there all of which have been gluten free.  No problems at all in the past year +. That being said I'd talk to the manager when I ordered if you want to be extra careful.

All in all, it's a great restaurant, great space, very nice staff, and wonderful food. I go there frequently. Coming soon they are opening a new Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar: Aztec City.

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