Monday, May 4, 2009

Bangkok Thai Cuisine (Bangkok Kitchen and or Thai Food)

Lobster, fried clams, and Thai? - by Susan

As good and plentiful as our Cape seafood is, a little variety is always welcome. It’s easy to miss this unimposing restaurant near the Barnstable Airport Rotary. I drove right on by for years. I always thought the name of the place was “Thai Food” because that’s what it says on the sign by the street. After venturing in over 10 years ago, I’ve become a regular.

I’ve got to prepare you for the ambiance.. there isn’t any. It’s a tiny place with 8 tables and some Thai-inspired knick knacks on the wall but it’s clean, the owners and staff are very friendly, and here, it's all about the food.

The menu is fairly extensive (all available for take away)… I am difficult to feed due to a lot of food allergies and gluten restrictions. It was a bit hard at first to convey all this to the owners because they speak more Thai than English. Once we got through that, they were very accommodating to my food issues. This is also a great place for vegetarians because almost all the dishes can be made “veggie only."

I often start with the Fresh Spring Rolls. They are made fresh daily and are first class (either all veggie or with shrimp). The Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Hot Basil Chicken are my favorite main dishes. What really sets Bangkok Thai Cuisine apart is that everything is fresh: all the veggies (I’ve actually been to another Thai place that uses canned veggies!) and seafood. And everything is cooked to order before your eyes.

There are a few quirky things you need to know. Their idea of spicy and yours may be wildly different, so be careful. I like spicy food so I order medium spice but for many that will be a bit too hot. They don’t serve any alcohol. But you can bring your own beer or wine and, conveniently, there is a liquor store across the street. I often bring a bottle of wine and they will be happy to open it and serve it up for you (and I’ve never seen a corking fee added on to my bill).

There are only 2 parking spots in front and one is handicapped. There is more parking behind the building and Staples is directly across the street so there is ample parking there. In the winter you might want to dress warmly because the restaurant can be drafty, even with the space heater they have running. If you ask, they will point the heat directly at you.

Despite a few quirks, it’s well worth the trip. A good sign is a lot of the chefs around town eat there on their days off. After an excellent meal the bill will be the next best surprise: it’s down right cheap to dine at Bangkok Thai Cuisine. How can food that is so inexpensive be so healthy and so tasty!


  1. Excellent local article on secrets of the the revealing quirks and the the inside scoop on the parking.....getting hungry as I type !

  2. Check it out, its a great place!

  3. This place is actually called "Bangkok Kitchen" NOT "Bangkok Thai Cuisine".

  4. Well I have a picture of the sign there and it does say Bangkok Kitchen however, when I checked online it was listed as Bangkok Cuisine or Bangkok Thai Cuisine everywhere, so I was really confused. (restaurant,, trip advisor, menu pix, yelp,, and pub crawler).

    As I said I thought it was "Thai Food" for years. I'm honestly sorry if I got it wrong but with the multiple signs and listings it was difficult to know. Since one of their signs says Bangkok Kitchen I'll change add it to my article, but since it is listed all over the internet the other way I wanted to be sure people would find it regardless of what they typed in.

    Either way, I've sent a ton of my readers there and they have all raved about the food!


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