Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stylist in the Making

Quality not quantity - by Susan

Let me say upfront, I'm a fashion fanatic. It's not that I love shopping so much, actually it's a chore. But I adore having really great, unique, clothing that reflects who I am.

I'm really not one of those crazy shoe people either... you know the kind.. they buy thousands of shoes just for the heck of it. I only have 100 pair and I need each and every one of them. Since my shoe size hasn't changed in 20 years and I buy quality shoes, I've collected up a lot of them over time. I still have (and wear) a pair of Frye cowboy boots I bought in college.

I shop everywhere, from consignment to Neiman Marcus. I lean toward higher-end stores because to my finely tuned fashion eye, their clothing is obviously better quality. I also love shopping at small local boutiques. They always have a lot of labels that I never see at other, larger stores.

When I fall in love with a trend, I buy it at a discount store because I know I'm only going to "love" it for one season. Trends can be a lot of fun and a couple of trendy items can really update the classic stuff I usually buy.

Now most of us, myself included, can't afford to shop at Neiman's every day, especially in our current economy. But all my life I've tried to buy a few very good pieces each year instead of a lot of junk. It's worked for me. I have a Coach purse that I bought 30 years ago and I still carry it all the time. I have a 20 year old Chanel blazer that's a classic and every time I wear it, someone comments on how beautiful it is.

You don't need to spend a fortune to do this. With a good purse, an interesting scarf, or knock-out shoes you can make a simple outfit more eye-catching and upscale. And you don't have to drive to Boston to find great fashion. We have some first-rate stores right here on the Cape. Below is a list of some of my favorite boutiques:
(full story on each store soon)

Maxwell & Co. - Main Street, Falmouth
Weekend - Main Street, Orleans
Midsummer Nights - Main Street, Chatham
Shauna – South Street, Hyannis
Andi Carole – Sea Street, Hyannis
Purple Poppy – Mashpee Commons


  1. Augh!! I MUST invest in a pair of Frye boots. I've been mulling it over for several years now, and I just need to plunk down the money. They always look amazing and just a bit "cutting edge"'ve finally convinced me to take the plunge. :)

  2. oh I like being cutting edge, thanks!

  3. Fashion news flash, fyi: Ugg loafers in light gray or light pink suede, with fur lining, selling like hotcakes at the Mashpee Marshall's for $59.99. Don't delay; act today!

  4. I'm sending my daughter over, she wants some!


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