Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's NOT a Sign of the Times!

Looking for the Good Stuff by Susan

Shopping consignment, yard sales, and/or antiques isn't a sign of the times for me; I've always done it. I use to enjoy the "hunt" but over the years I've really burned out on shopping of any kind. Although I still love a good bargain I just don't have the patience or the time involved in rummaging around the stores that have those occasional great deals.

So I've pared my shopping down to a few really good stores where I know I can walk in and find things I like. Lucky me, I stumbled on what has turned out to be my favorite consignment store: At Home Again, 1705 Main Street, Chatham. It's in a little shopping/office center on the south side before you get to downtown and it is easy to miss. But keep looking until you find it, it's a gem.

This isn't clothing; it's housewares, furniture, and decorative household items. And trust me, it's the good stuff. They have recently expanded and it is now twice the size it was when I discovered it. I really like the fact that it is one of those places that reduces the price as time goes on, so the longer an item is there unsold, the cheaper it gets.

Last month I bought a carved bird, not the collectible Cape Cod shore bird carvings, although they do have those occasionally, but a more funky, modern sort of thing. It certainly is not an antique but it's interesting and a great conversation piece. They do have some antiques but the bulk of the stock is just nice stuff; some new, some old. In the past I've bought some nice pottery there that I use for serving dishes. I picked up a really interesting piece of art pottery there that was made in Africa. I have a beautiful hand-blown bowl from a well-known gallery in Provincetown.

I took a bunch of photos last time I was there to give you an idea of what they carry but of course the stock changes all the time. I will say every single time I've been there I've found at least 10 things I've wanted but couldn't really justify buying as I didn't have a place for them in my home.

Next time you are heading down Cape check out At Home Again, it is really worth the trip!

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