Sunday, November 1, 2009

Latest stops around town..

Amari's in Sandwich by Susan

It seems I have a summer "stomping" ground and an off-season one.  I usually don't go to the off-season places during the good weather, I suppose because there is often a long wait to get in them.  I like to take advantage of the restaurants with outdoor seating and water views while I can.

I was at Amari's in Sandwich last weekend and had a great time.  It was a rainy, windy, miserable Saturday evening, but the bar and restaurant had a brisk business.  There was a guitar player in the bar but at times it was hard to hear him with all the bar noise.  

After the dinner rush settled down it turned out he was quite good.  My friend was able to identify most of the songs he played and we had a long discussion about the concert for Bangladesh (the musician played George Harrison's "While my Guitar Gently Weeps").  Hey I was in diapers then (well, not quite) but it led to an interesting discussion of all the great music festivals I missed. (Woodstock, Bangladesh, Monterey Pop, Altamont Speedway, Atlanta International Pop Festival, Goose Lake, Erie Canal, and California Jam)

Anyway, back to Amari's... I had the Veal Chop special and it was excellent... tender, flavorful and came with sumptuous mashed potatoes. I'm a serious carb lover; I know my potatoes and these were perfect.   As most of you know, I have to be gluten free.  Amari's does not have a gluten free menu but they had no problem making sure my meal exactly how I needed it to be and the chef even made me a special gluten free sauce.  A nice touch.  The Veal was a very hearty meal for a dismal day and I'd order it again.  My friend had the Salmon with Boursin cheese, artichoke hearts and roasted red pepper.  It was a nice dish too (a bit too much cheese for my taste).  

The service was great, the restaurant very lively, and the parking lot full…...  you couldn't ask for more in the off-season.  However true to form, at 9 pm the place was almost empty and on my drive home I noticed the sidewalks were already rolled up.

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