Sunday, March 11, 2012

News around town...

Rumors, truth, scuttlebutt, and more...

Ok, by now everyone knows that Cape Cod is getting a Market Basket, right?  I guess it is going to open some time this year in Sandwich at what was the Outlet Mall, directly next to the Sagamore Bridge.  I've had at least 10 people mention it to me, I'm not sure why everyone is so excited by cheap food.  I'm wishing that we'd get a Whole Foods Market.   Especially with the recent reports that most hamburger (especially supermarket stuff) contains "pink slime"... no thanks, I'll continue to drive to WFM in Hingham.

Another piece of news that I do happen to be really excite about.... Sephora is coming to Cape Cod Mall. It is going to open in May 2012 and I'm thinking of getting a job there so I can get a discount because I spend at least a bazillion dollars there a year there.  A discount could add up to big bucks for me.  I've heard it is going in the space that was Francesca's.  Wait a minute.... didn't Francesca's just open??   Easy come, easy go, I didn't like that store anyways.

I have to say a Sephora at Cape Cod Mall seems... well odd to me.  In my experience Sephora stores are usually in more upscale places.  Like the one on 5th Avenue in NYC, or in the Meatpacking District (Chelsea), Chestnut Hill Mall, or Cambridgeside Galleria.  Cape Cod Mall?  I'm not sure how long it will last, last time I checked a whole lot of people on the Cape hardly wear any make up.  I'm just hoping my patronage can keep it afloat.

Since I'm a stock trader I've been hoping for years Sephora will go public.  Ulta did, they are similar to Sephora but not as high-end, and their stock is a great trading stock.  I'm thinking that if Sephora continues to open up stores willy nilly in low profit locations (like Cape Cod Mall) they will eventually have to go public to raise cash.  I'm anxiously waiting.

Have you seen that new Stop and Shop they are building on 132 in Hyannis (right by BJ's)?  That thing looks HUGE.  I'm going to assume they are going to close the old, dirty store by Home Depot, thank goodness.  Now.... will it have a lot more brands or is it just going to be more of the same stuff?  My Stop and Shop has a decent sized health food area, as my readers know I have to be gluten free, but they have a lot of crummy (read: terrible tasting) gluten free food.  I've given them suggestions about the good stuff but they don't take them, so ultimately I buy not only my gluten free food elsewhere but all my other food too.  That is what Stop and Shop doesn't seem to understand.  If I have to drive to Roche Bros or Ring Bros then why even bother to GO to Stop and Shop?

A local gym that has been around for a while, Busy Bodies has opened up a yoga space called the Yoga Shack.  It's in a really nice space, the room... while not big, is light, bright, airy and natural.  I really like the space.  I think they need to beef up their yoga offerings, more classes, more styles.  But check it out, they offer a free class and it's worth going to see the space.  The free class offer is right on their menu bar of their website.

I love restaurant news but don't really have much to tell, so if you have some, please email me.  I heard  that Amari's in East Sandwich was sold about 6 months ago, I'm not quite sure who bought it but the quality had gone down for years so I hope they spruce it up and change the menu a bit, it was getting old.    I recently ate at Chapin's in Dennis, my very first time there.  I actually use to date a guy that was a part owner of it and a few other restaurants some years ago but he never took me to any of them (maybe he made it up, I don't know, I've dated a lot of shady characters).  At any rate,  I had a good time there.  I was with really good company, so that always helps, but they do have a gluten free menu (limited) and it could use a little fine tuning.  I didn't get "glutened" there so that is a BIG plus but the GF menu was fairly uninspired.  However, we started our meal off with oysters on the half shell and they were excellent!  They tasted so fresh and clean with a lovely seawater scent.  I'll go there again just to eat those oysters.  We ended up dancing after dinner in the bar and that was a blast too.

Send me any comments, questions, rumor or innuendo!!

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