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I'm a Busy Body....

at Busy Bodies - Yoga Shack and Spa in Marstons Mills.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm not a gym rat.  As a matter of fact I dislike gyms.... I am something of a germaphobe and I've always felt that gyms are a breeding ground for them.  That being said, I've been taking yoga classes at various yoga studios on the Cape for a number of years. I suppose they are germy too but they somehow feel less so and most yoga studio's are very relaxing (something I seriously need).

Lazy, but loved, Connor
I do exercise.  I am a committed, devoted, passionate, dog walker.  I take that beast out for a 4 mile walk, rain or shine.  I literally have to be flat on my back to miss walking him.  Rain? No problem, I've got rain gear. Snow?  I've got snowshoes, we've been out in blizzards. Wind? Love it. You may be saying... "wow what a great dog owner she is."  Truthfully, I walk him so I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight.  That's my weight loss secret... a young, active dog.  However... I am a good dog owner as this picture of Connor on my good chair, with a pillow, and his toys, attests too.

After tearing my meniscus and MCL last fall I've done a lot of physical therapy rehab.  And it was my physical therapist who told me:  "At your age you need to do more then just dog walking."  (When did this "at your age" thing start?)  So now that my knee has healed I've set out to find some more exercise for this aging body.

I knew there was a little gym in the Mills and I had even taken kickboxing there with my daughter many years ago (let me say, I am not a kickboxer).  So when I heard they had yoga classes, I thought I'd go check the gym out again.

The entrance to Busy Bodies.
Busy Bodies
First of all it's called Busy Bodies - Yoga Shack and Spa now.  And it has a lot of activities rolled into one location and I've been really enjoying it.  They have weight machines on the lower level.  It's a small weight training area but it looks complete and clean.  I have not tried the weight machines yet but since I have to "do more then walk" I'm going to try them out soon.  They have a spinning room on the lower level too. I am definitely going to try that.  Spinning (I think it's just a fancy name for stationary biking) is really good for your knees and since that's my trouble spot I need to keep them in shape.  So spinning is on my list as well.  Upstairs they have a big, bright, airy studio where they do all sorts of classes.... Body Sculpt, Pilates, Tap Dance, Pole Fitness (gonna try that one!), Body Blast, Dance, Core and more (and yes they still offer kickboxing).

The yoga studio
They recently opened a separate yoga studio in another building adjacent to the Busy Bodies.  It isn't a large space but it is very pretty and serene. They call it the Yoga Shack and Spa. There are 2 spa rooms and the very tranquil yoga studio. They re-did the yoga studio and it is really nice. Original wide pine floors freshly refinished, the walls are newly painted in a light yellow hue, a huge red barn door (I hope it opens it would be great to open it in good weather), exposed beams, high ceilings, and windows for good light. It is a really nice space for yoga. The massage rooms are brand new too, restful, relaxing, and clean. They offer a variety of spa services, massage, Reiki, Body Work, Aryuveda, and more.

The other side of the yoga studio
I've been taking some yoga and Pilates classes there and I've really enjoyed them. I'd say yoga-wise they have something that suits everyone. The first class I took was Yoga Nidra which is a type of conscious deep sleep, sort of a guided meditation/relaxation.  I did really relax in the class but I happen to need more exercise. I took another class there which included movement, chanting, and meditation.  It was a good workout but I still wanted a more challenging class. For people that want to expand their yoga practice further into yogic ideas, they will love these classes.  Since I'm at that "age" right now I'm looking into more exercise. Then I happened upon two instructors at the Yoga Shack that I adore, Kate Adams and Jennifer Healy.

Kate Adams teaches Kripalu Yoga on Monday morning and Hot Yoga on Sunday morning. I love Kate, she is not only a wonderful yoga teacher but just a really warm and kind person. Kate got her yoga teaching certificate at the Kripalu Center in Western MA (which is know world-wide). To me it is the Harvard of yoga training. Personally I'd love to take the Kripalu teacher training one day to deepen my own yoga practice.

But... back to Kate... she is exactly what I want in a yoga teacher. The class starts out easily enough, a bit of meditation, easy stretching moves but it gets progressively more challenging. Which I love. It's never too hard but just enough to push you. And Kate is very careful that her students are doing the poses correctly so you get the most out of her class. I leave her class feeling like I've really challenged myself but also very relaxed and happy. She teaches some of the best yoga classes I've ever taken. I hope she starts doing a few more at Busy Bodies/Yoga Shack because I'd take them all.

Lisa Jones, the owner of Busy Bodies, urged me to take Jennifer Healy's Pilates class. I'm only a so-so Pilates fan, because of my "age" I often find it too difficult to do and a lot of the core exercises require that you have your head and neck off the mat and that really hurts my neck. But Lisa told me I'd love Jen and the class.... and she was right.

Reception area of Yoga Shack and Spa
A former gymnast and dancer with over 10 years of Pilates instruction in both mat and machine, Jennifer Healy is a gem. I found her, like Kate (the yoga teacher), very careful that we were doing each exercise the exact right way to get the most out of them and to avoid any injury. And the class is challenging, some exercises I couldn't finish the amount of reps that Jen asked us to do. There have been times at other gyms where I've taken a class and if you can't keep up the teacher "calls you out." Makes you feel like a complete jerk for being out of shape and once that happens I NEVER go back.

Jennifer isn't like that at all. There was no "calling out" and I didn't feel embarrassed for not always being able to keep up. Just the opposite in fact, she is so supportive that I really loved the class and am going to continue taking it. Lisa told me that Jen is going to do a Barre Pilates class soon. I can't wait for that, I took ballet a bazillion years ago.

Because Busy Bodies - Yoga Shack and Spa is small you get a lot of personal attention and support. I've not done a huge variety of classes there yet and I know they have other great teachers that I have not mentioned. Really, for the first time in ages, I'm having a good gym experience. On top of all the things I've mentioned above, they also offer more goodies; personal training, boot camp, free child care, kids programs, nutrition counseling, and a lot more. Everyone is nice and the place is clean. So if you are in the upper/mid Cape area you should go by and give it a try.  It's a great gym with a ton of offerings and things to do. On their website they have an offer for a free one week trial, so you have no excuse for not checking it out. Lastly, the pictures in this article were all taken at Busy Bodies - Yoga Shack!

Busy Bodies - Yoga Shack and Spa
70 Industry Road
Marstons Mills, MA 02648

(they are right next to the Stop and Shop plaza on Rt. 28 in the Mills, so very convenient.)
(click on any of the pictures to see a larger version)

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  1. So glad you posted this.. have been looking for a place/studio close to my parents house in Poppy... I think I just found it.. THANK YOU!


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