Friday, August 31, 2012

Cape Cod Real Estate

The hunt for small and unique is on......

I've always loved real estate... maybe because my mom's hobby is moving.  Growing up we moved a number of times (every 4 years on average).  And once I got my driver's license my good friend Robin and I use to go to open houses on Saturdays when we were 16!!  Go figure.

My mom is now in her 80's now and is still doing it like clock work, every 4 or 5 years... she picks up and moves to a new place.  As a matter of fact I've been looking at houses with her lately, this time we are both moving.

I've been in my current home for 15 years.  It was bought when 3 people and 2 dogs occupied this space and now that number is greatly reduced.  The house just seems like too much.  Too much money, gardens/landscaping, maintenance, house, cleaning, time.

So I'm in the market for a small house on a small yard (maybe a condo but it would have to be really special) but in a nice neighborhood.  And the house has to be unique in some way.... different and eclectic.  I'd like it move in ready but I'd be willing to do some work.  I've been looking at all sorts of small homes and cottages.  I'd prefer 1 floor living or at least a master on the first floor.  And tiny.

Apparently my criteria makes for a really tall order and I've been looking for months with no luck.  Not a lot of unique out there.  Or "it could be unique with an influx of $$$$$."  If you know of any house that is for sale send me an email!

One of my favorite RE places (other then is Curbed Cape Cod.  They have a great bunch of homes there and yes, mine is there too.  My favorite realtor:  Michelle Tucker at Wm. Raveis


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